Terms and conditions


This regulations are defining:

  1. Principles of the booking of the service via a www.ZORKOUT.com website and using the supplied service by the ZORKOUT company Mateusz Czechowski, 80-750 Gdańsk, 28 Spichrzowa Street, NIP 9570973951
  2. Rules for participation in the game in the ZORKOUT object Rooms Escape located at 28 Spichrzowa Street  in Gdańsk


  1. Every participant in the game is obliged to read the plot of regulations before beginning the game.
  2. Every participant is setting about and is involved in a game on his own responsibility. Making up one’s mind for the participation in the game the participant is accepting this regulations.
  3. Participants are obliged to an adherence to the principles of Regulations in the course of the entire game. In case of the non-observance of Regulations the participant can be turned out from the room or from premises..
  4. The minimal age of the player amounts to 16 years. Minor persons can take part in the game only under the care of at least one person of full legal age.
  5. Participants should appear in the premises up to booking hour, game itself begin 10 minutes later. This time is reserved to explain the rules and the plot. In case of arriving late the time of the game can be shortened.
  6. People who have problems with hypertension, epilepsy, asthma, heart disease, suffer from claustrophobia, are undergoing psychological treatment, have a visible injury and pregnant women can not participate in the game or take part in it at their own risk. At the same time, they are obliged to report this fact to the Game Master before starting the game.
  7. Riddles in every available room are formulated this way, that don’t require using force.
  8. A participant in the game is responsible for a deliberately destroyed object. And if any object is destroyed, the reserving person is incurring costs of his repair or buying.
  9. All objects being in a room HSW covered with the yellow-black tape games aren’t elements.
  10. Filming and photographing insides of rooms is forbidden.
  11. Of the person under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants won’t be passed for the game or asked to leave a room of the game.
  12. The duration of the game is 60 minutes (The Final Show, Mistery of 61 kilometer) and 75 minutes (The Moonshiner).
  13. The game is intended for 2 – 5 persons (The Final Show, Mistery of 61 kilometer) and for 2 – 6 persons (The Moonshiner).
  14. The player can leave the game at any time. However if this is the case costs won’t be returned.
  15. Carrying into the room all sharp tools and dangerous other objects is forbidden.
  16. In the case of inexperienced or first-time players, Zorkout Escape Rooms reserves the right to refuse to participate in a room for experienced players and to offer a room of lesser difficulty.
  17. A ban on using mobile phones is applicable in a room.
  18. In the premises is applying to the total ban of smoking cigarettes, as well as using a naked flame.
  19. Every room is being monitored, what the Master of the Game can systematically observe the course of the game thanks to. Participants are giving consent to strengthen their image using visual techniques in the course of the game to purposes essential to conduct the game. Recording from the camera is removed after a period of up to 3 months.
  20. In case of the non-observance of regulations the service has the right to ask the player to leave a room. The participant isn’t entitled to a right to the refund.
  21. Zorkout Escape Rooms is not responsible for the items left in the waiting room.
  22. Rules of a game are subject to change without the prior notification.
  23. Valid regulations are on the website www.zorkout.com and on the being notice board of premises at 28 Spichrzowa Street in Gdańsk.


  1. Ways of making a booking:
    1. Side with the booking www.zorkout.com calendar
    2. Side with the booking www.lockme.pl calendar
    3. Contact telephone number: 519-894-324
    4. Personally in the premises at 28 Spichrzowa Street in Gdańsk
  2. Every folded reservation will be confirmed over the phone at the number indicated in the booking form on preceding the reserved game. In case of not having a telephone number the confirmation will be sent in the form mail.
  3. In case of the lack of ability of the confirmation of a booking in any way whatsoever (an incorrect telephone number, the incorrect e-mail address) such a booking can be canceled by the Master of the Game.
  4. In order to make a booking an information sheet determines required data on the side booking.


The administrator of personal data within the meaning of the provisions on the protection of personal data is Mateusz Czechowski, conducting business under the business name “ZORKOUT Mateusz Czechowski” with its registered office in Gdańsk (80-750), ul. Spichrzowa 28, entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, using the NIP number 9570973951. Contact the administrator: kontakt@zorkout.com.

The purposes, legal bases and period of personal data processing are indicated separately for each purpose of data processing (see the provisions below for a detailed description of the different purposes of data processing).

In connection with the processing of your personal data by us, you have the following rights

    the right to request access to their personal data, rectification, deletion or limitation of processing,
the right to object to the processing,
the right to transfer data,
the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data for a specific purpose, if you have previously given such consent, the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body in relation to the processing of personal data by us.

The above rights can be exercised in accordance with the rules described in art. 16 – 21 GDPR, contacting us at kontakt@zorkout.com.

Providing personal data by you is always voluntary, but necessary to make a reservation through the form located on the website www.zorkout.com or subscribe to the newsletter.

We guarantee the confidentiality of all personal data provided to us. We ensure that all security measures and protection of personal data required by the provisions on the protection of personal data are taken. Personal data is collected with due diligence and properly protected against access by unauthorized persons. Personal data are processed only within the territory of the European Union.

The participant may additionally express voluntary consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes.

According to art. 6 par. 1 lit. b GDPR) personal data will be processed in order to make a reservation, sign a contract and implement it.

Personal data will also be processed in the post-implementation period for archival purposes, but not for more than 3 months (Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR).


  1. Payments for a game booked through www.zorkout.com can be made in cash before the game.
  2. Payments for games reserved through www.lockme.com can be made only via Przelewy24.
  3. If more than the maximum room rate is declared by the person making the reservation, an additional fee will be charged for each person in accordance with the price list for the maximum number of persons.
  4. The prices indicated on www.zorkout.com are gross amounts.


  1.  We ask all attention/suggestions to point to the biuro@zorkout.com address.
  2. In the unsettled scope with this Regulations provisions of the civil code are applicable.